The Recall:

Recall for owners of CBR1000, if your motorcycle VIN range is within the following numbers:


Fuel Leak.

Description of defect:
When a fuel tank cap packing was deformed by fuel, the packing climbed over after the cap is tightened, and then failed 
packing’s sealing performance. This was caused by the size of a packing holder assembled with the fuel tank cap was improper.
Under such state, if the fuel tank is almost fully filled with gasoline and a driver quickly reduce the speed, fuel may be leaked out
of the packing’s sealing part through a drain tube.

Corrective actions and steps to be taken to rectify defect:
Application of modified fuel tank caps in order to prevent the packing from climbing over the filler even when it is swollen.

Our commitment on you:
For the prevention or resolution of this problem, Honda will carry out the repair at no cost to the owner.
More recall information:

If you have questions regarding a recall, you may contact Boon Siew Singapore Service Centre @ 6513 9338. Alternatively, you may also verify on
LTA OneMotoring at https://vrl.lta.gov.sg/lta/vrl/action/pubfunc?ID=EnquireVehRecallForSpecificVeh if your vehicle is affected.