The Recall:

Recall for owner of MSX125, if your motorcycle VIN range is within the following numbers:

Engine stalls while driving and unable to restart.

Description of defect:
Resin inlet cover of fuel pump had swollen into the shape of projection, depriving of the clearance with the impeller at its sliding areas, causing the fuel pump to lock up.

Corrective actions and steps to be taken to rectify defect:
Change the new fuel pump to the one using inlet cover made of aluminum.

Our commitment on you:
For the prevention or resolution of this problem, Honda will carry out the repair at no cost to the owner.
More recall information:

If you have questions regarding a recall, you may contact Boon Siew Singapore Service Centre @ 6513 9338. Alternatively, you may also verify on
LTA OneMotoring at if your vehicle is affected.