Recall a Campaign

Recall for owners of CB400, if your motorcycle VIN range within the following numbers:

JH2NC429*8K010001 to JH2NC429*8K010070
JH2NC429*9K100001 to JH2NC429*9K100053
JH2NC429*AK200001 to JH2NC429*AK200160
JH2NC429*BK300001 to JH2NC429*BK300393
JH2NC429*8M000001 to JH2NC429*8M000174

Brake lamp does not work when customer operate the brake level. Rear stop switch coupler has corrosion.

Description of defect:
Water enter to wire harness from side to the joint connector, caused rear stop switch couple corroded and rear stop lamp not operative.

Corrective actions and steps to be taken to rectify defect:

For the prevention or resolution of this problem, Honda will, at no cost to the owner, carry out the repair on joint connector and replacement of rear stop switch, if necessary.