Warranty Terms and Conditions


The new owner must register with Boon Siew Singapore in order to take advantage of the remaining period of warranty.

Parts and Service:
Completely covers repair, replacement or adjustment of any part which fails during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing or material defect, excluding accessories and consumables.

The items below are not within the scope of this warranty:
Any repair and/or adjustment performed by employees of any firm or organization not authorized by Boon Siew Singapore and any damage or loss of performance resulting from such repair or adjustment.

Cosmetic Paintwork
Covers your vehicle against the peeling, cracking, and discoloration of the visible surfaces of all painted body panels as a result of manufacture or material defect and not damaged from environment and external influences.

This Paint Work warranty requires that the body panels be examined annually by Boon Siew Singapore usually during the time of the main service.


This warranty is subject to the following conditions:
Failure to comply with these conditions will render the warranty null and void.

  • All claims be notified to and carried out by Boon Siew Singapore during the appropriate warranty period.
  • All repairs, damage rectification or fitting of replacement parts and accessories are carried out by Boon Siew Singapore and/or in accordance with our instructions.
  • The vehicle has not been altered from the original specification nor used for competition or rental purpose.
  • The body panels are inspected annually though-out the warranty period by Boon Siew Singapore and any rectification work found necessary is carried out in accordance with our recommendation.
  • The vehicle has not suffered from neglect, improper repair, accident, or improper use provided the vehicle has been properly cleaned, maintained and serviced in accordance with Honda’s requirements as stated in the Owner’s manual and warranty service record card. This warranty is expressively in lieu of all other warranty, obligations or liabilities for direct or consequential damage or otherwise.



  • Glass and lamp lenses
  • Used of non approved additives, parts, fuel or lubrication which affects vehicle/system’s performance or result damage/malfunction to system component(s).
  • Any consequential expenses including but not limited to rentals, towing, traveling, inconvenience, commercial loss and loss of time or used.
  • Items require replacement or adjustment as part of routine servicing and maintenance, or which are subject to normal wear and tear for example;


Battery, drive chain, brake pad, brake shoe, clutch disc, light bulbs, fuse, motor brush, step rubber, tire, inner tube, other items specified by Honda.


Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, transmission fluid, suspension oil, cleaning agent, other items.

  • Items which require removal, adjustment or replacement as part of routine servicing i.e spark plugs, filters, belting, gaskets, wheel nuts, splash guard etc.
  • Components adjustment i.e. Panel, wheel alignment, wheel balancing etc. after first 800km or 1st month servicing.
  • Accessories, Consumables, Upholstery and trims.
  • Any damage to the undercarriage, steering or suspension resulting from or riding though road hump or pothole.