The New Forza 750: Redefining Power

Ultimate GT Scooter

The first bike of 2021 has arrived. Honda's first 745cc chain-driven maxi-scooter, the Forza 750 is set and ready to take on the mean streets of Singapore. Looking for a beast of a DCT motorcycle to make your commuting a breeze? Wherever you need to be, in or out of the city, for business, leisure or pleasure, it combines a sharp, tight form with true GT-luxe comfort and practicality, with stunning response from its 745cc twin-cylinder engine, motorcycle-style brakes and high-quality suspension. We’ve packed this scooter with premium features that help you live life your way. Always-on connectivity keeps you in the loop via your smartphone, and a vivid, full-colour TFT instrument display. There are three default riding modes to choose from, with the option for customisation and a seamless, six-speed, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). And, through every split-second’s riding, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) manages rear tyre traction. Feel that rush in your veins yet? Scratch that new bike itch and drop us a Facebook message! CLICK HERE!