Better In Every Way

Better In Every Way

Our Favourite Scooter Made Better

Scooters are such a perfect solution for so many of our transportation needs. You can park them just about anywhere. Zip through congestion. They’re affordable, and get great gas mileage. And when you’re on a Honda PCX, you get all of that combined with Honda engineering and quality. For 2021, the PCX sports a new, larger engine, a new frame structure, and some tasty new styling too. With a four-valve design for the new engine, you get a cleaner and more economical ride. Around town or just cruising on a weekend, the new 2021 PCX isn’t just another scooter—it’s a premium Honda experience.


The new PCX comes equipped with advanced and exciting features such as a new LED headlight with position light and taillights design, giving it a fresher look, a hazard lamp, new wheel design and bigger tubeless tires for a better handling and more comfortable ride, twin shock rear suspension for smooth rides, and a new and wider digital meter panel for improved information visibility. It is also fitted out with an Idling Stop System (ISS) to avoid wasteful fuel consumption, an upgraded USB type power outlet for convenient gadget charging, and Smart Key with Anti-Theft Alarm and Answer Back System for better motorcycle security. An upgraded 30-liter utility box and 8-litre fuel tank gives riders better utility storage and mileage.

Model Features